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Just Jason Salsa Dance Company

Salsa - Merengue - Bachata

Just Jason Dance Company

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Welcome to the website of Just Jason Dance Company. I organise Salsa classes, parties & socials in Maastricht. Helping me teach these dance-classes are Saartje, Loes, Melissa, Boukje, Esther, Simone as well as Ron & Jiska. I currently also teach in Aachen on Saturday with Yuting. Check out Dance Fusion Aachen for more information on the classes in Aachen.

We pride ourselves to represent Salsa not just with classes that are rooted in solid technical know-how, but also in the homey and “loose” feel we have in everything we do. We provide 1 level of Bachata and 5 levels of Salsa on different days of the week. All of them built with solid techniques and an informal & fun atmosphere.

Summer Classes


Starts August 15th


19:30 Salsa Intermediate 2
20:30 Bachata Dominicana


Starts August 16th


19:30 Salsa Intermediate 1
20:30 Salsa Advanced
21:30 Afro & Rumba


Starts August 17th


19:30 Salsa Intermediate 2
20:30 Bachata Intermediate
21:30 La Switch class


Starts July 14th


16:00 Salsa level 3
17:00 Salsa level 4


Starts August 19th


13:30 Salsa & Bachata Beginners
15:30 Salsa Intermediate 1


Summer Prices

The Salsa & Bachata beginners class on Sundays in Genk lasts 2 hours and counts as two classes.

Number of classes Price
One Class € 35
Two Classes € 60
Three or more classes € 90

Payment Structure

For all Salsa classes we have the rule that you only pay for your highest level. You get to participate in all lower levels for free, if there is enough room for extra people. That way you get extra practice and we get an extra dance partner should we need one. The following classes are exluded from this: Bachata, Styling & Choreography.

Payment methods

Payments can be done in cash or by card at Dance Center Bernaards itself or online. If you are taking 2 or more classes then contact me to get your discount. For bank transfers, make sure to include your name and class. 

Bank Info

IBAN NL56ABNA0518338452



For people already taking classes at Just Jason that recommend somebody to Just Jason Dance Company that actually enrolls, gets a €10 discount per recommendation. Contact me for your referral discount.


Dance Partner?

You do not need a dance partner to join our courses, however we do assign you a partner either through people that enroll or through our helper system. So please enroll on time when enrolling without a partner, preferably more than a week before classes start.

We always have people looking for a partner or willing to help out, as such we made a group specifically for this purpose.

To find a dance partner, join our Facebook group


All classes are 8 weeks (1 class a week)

We offer discounts for multiple classes
Click here for the current prices and more information

Do I need to sign up for the tryout class?

Every first class of a course is considered a tryout/open day

You don’t need to sign up for the tryout class, you can just drop by and sign up for the course afterward

Signing up does guarantee you a spot in the course if classes are too full and a dance-partner


In Maastricht

Dans & Partycentrum Bernaards
Brusselsestraat 97
6211PD, Maastricht

In Genk

La Covacha - Jerry's Cafe
Landwaartslaan 59
3600, Genk 

Sign up?

Click here to enroll!

Private classes?

Want to spice up your dancing? Looking for more details? Need some help with you technique? Want to learn a choreography? Or just want to pump in some more hours into your dancing? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I can help you better your social dancing, get ready for that opening dance, or learn a choreography.

Feel free to contact me for pricing and information.



Hello everybody,

A quick reminder that there are no classes next week, nor is there a social on Wednesday. (June 25th -28th)

Next week we're back again in full force!

Jason & Team Jason


 Ladies & Gents,

Due to a scheduling mishap, we can only do 4 classes on Fridays instead of the planned 5. That means that we the most logical thing to do is teach a 4-week Bachata Beginners course instead of a Salsa Beginners course. The rest of the schedule stays the same, so the courses on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will still last 6 weeks. 

  • Friday classes are €40, 2 courses for €70
  • All other classes are €50, 2 courses for €90

Check the website for the full schedule and all other information.

Sorry for the last-minute change, but we just found out about this. On the plus side: we are now teaching Bachata beginners! Our other Beginner classes on Tuesdays (19:30) and Thursdays (20:30) will proceed normally.


Hi everybody!

We have two parties going on this weekend.

First, we have DJ Jason at Tropicana on Saturday in Beek in the Netherlands

And then we have a workshop by Just Jason as well as a performance by La Onda on Sunday at Colour up your Sunday in Cologne, Germany.

So come party with us if you can. See you Saturday or Sunday!!


Hi Guys & Gals,

Just a quick reminder that there are no classes on Thursday, May 10th due to Hemelvaart. The rest of the classes continue normally. So Thursday-peoples, see you next week!

Team Just Jason


Hello peoples,

A quick reminder that there are no classes this week. We only have class on Thursday April 26th this week. So no classes on April 24t, 25th & 27th. (tue, we, fri)

We will host an extra hour of practice before our social on Wednesday before the social starts. So drop by at 21:00 on Wednesday if you would like some guided practice.

See you Wednesday!



Ladies & Gents,

We start new classes this week. That means our that we have FREE try-outs the entire week! So drop by on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to come and see how we teach. We'd love to have you!

Hope to see you soon.

Jason & Team Just Jason



Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer

Jason, the dancer & teacher

Hi there,

My name is Jason Leckie and I was born and raised in Suriname on sunshine, videogames and dancing. At the age of 19 I came to the Netherlands to study medicine. I ended up studying Biological Health sciences and afterwards Health Education and Promotion. The latter felt more at home to me than the previous and although both these choices were pretty logical ones, they didn't quite feel as right to me as my next choice in life.

It was on the dance floor where I truly felt alive. Something I believe I inherited from my Father. I later found out I had a inborn talent for teaching, something I might have derived from my Mom who is a teacher of English. I started my teaching career when I was asked to teach for the school I was taking classes at. After teaching at that school for 3 years I co-founded a dance school where I could set up my own structure and teach according to my own philosophy. But due to personal reasons I left that dance school after 7 years of working hard to establish our name.

The reasons why I left had nothing to do with the philosophy of that dance school. There was a vision for the school: providing high quality, high level dancing compliant to international standards while never ever forgetting why we dance: To have fun. The injection of Caribbean culture in the classes always ensured that there was a warmth, a Love, a homey feeling emanating from everything we did back then.

That philosophy has not and will not change for Just Jason Dance Company.

Jason, the Salsa-DJ

During this time I developed my knowledge of Salsa music in order to be able to create the right atmosphere at any Salsa party. As a DJ and dance school owner I was involved in various parties in de Kadans as well as Bernaards. Being resident DJ at the weekly social at De Kadans pushed me to develop my DJ skills & music knowledge. I am very happy to have successfully continued this weekly social at Bernaards with our very own Wednesday Salsa Night. Whether DJ-ing for my own event, or at my bookings, I always try to inject my energy and ability to read the crowd to ensure a fun-filled, energetic evening.

I have now teamed up with Dance Center Bernaards to become a full in-house partner. All classes and parties are now housed by Dance Center Bernaards!

La Onda

In 2016 I started, together with 5 motivated dancers, to train towards a goal, a dream. A dream that would motivate all dancers in the vicinity to also strive towards that goal. The goal? To get the best out of yourself, to push yourself to the limits, to grow, but most of all to enjoy what you are doing: dancing.

In the past few years we have each worked hard on ourselves as dancers and as a team and we have set up the show team La Onda. La Onda stands for 'the wave' or 'the ripple', because we have started something, we created a ripple in the water and we do not know how far this ripple will reach. Maybe this ripple will become a wave that will cover Limburg or maybe even the whole world.


Dance Center Bernaards

Brusselsestraat 97
6218PD, Maastricht

Before contacting, see if your question is already answered here


+31 (0) 626045537

Jerry's Cafe

Landwaartslaan 59
3600, Genk